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vjd3 said:
Is there a way to accomplish this without having to switch between 720p and 480i on the box?
Unfortunately, no.

I am running the VP50 (just the next step up from your VP30) with it plugged into my 720p DLP front projector. I actually switch between all three resolutions (480i, 720p, 1080i) on the TiVo, to match whatever source I am watching (480i for SD, 720P for ABC, FOX, and ESPN, and 1080i for all others). This way my VP50 is doing all of the scaling and deinterlacing as needed, and you'll find it does a better job than the HR10. Especially with the ABT-102 card, you'll find your VP30 is much better at deinterlacing (I felt the VP30 was better even before the card, but after there was absolutely no question)

Certainly, as suggested above, you could set it to one resolution and forget it. But I suspect if you spent the money on a VP30, then you might be as crazy as me and willing to switch resolutions as needed to get the best picture.

And to answer your other question, the HR10 can send 480i over HDMI, so you can do it all via HDMI. That way you can keep your audio inputs on your VP30 free for other sources.
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