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Zippered Samsung 4080 pixelating. Can I swap HDs?

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I have 3 Samsung 4080s. Two are in use, zippered, and expanded. One is not.
One of the 4080s is pixelating pretty bad. Can I swap my zippered HD into the deactived unit and keep my zipper. I know that I'll lose my shows and stuff, but do I have to run all the telnet stuff again, or just guided setup.
I don't want to get a new receiver now because I am about to upgrade one box to a HD DVR.
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You will need to do a Clear and Delete Everything, but the rest should be ok. You will need to contact DirecTV to activate the other box.
We are getting some pixelization on some channels on one of our DirecTiVo boxes. Could it be just the tuner section as the recorded programs from the other DirecTiVo play without pixelization? If so can a new tuner only section be put into a Phillips DSR704/8?
No, you can't replace tuners. And it's not really likely to be the tuner itself that is the problem. Have you determined if it's one specific tuner that is the problem and if so, does swapping cables move the problem?
Have tried swapping inputs and it is the same for the same channels. The other Philips in another room does not do it at all. Have tried a new multiswitch and a new LNB. Still the same channels and problem. It is getting worse too. I guess I will have to bite the bullet and get another used one off Ebay and hope it works with the hard drive that is hacked. I have no way to hack a hard drive now.


Got a refurbished DSR704 from Weaknees. Transferred programs we wanted to keep to another DTiVo and then cleared and deleted all. Installed old drive in refurb box. Got an error 51, cleared and deleted on refurb box and all is up and working just fine. Of course all season passes are gone. Since it was a hacked drive with TivoWebPlus installed, before deleting I just went in and looked at season passes in Tivoweb and highlighted copied and pasted all the passes into a spreadsheet. All the info is there including channel for recording etc. Just need to reload them from the guide or by searching.
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