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Thanks for posting about the new FW update. Going to dig mine out and give it a shot later.

EDIT: Can't keep the app open long enough to see if it even works. I'll open YouTube TV and it'll work for awhile, but then it'll close out and open up TiVo Stream without me ever touching the remote.
I was going to dig mine out too, but now I'm not expecting much after reading your post.

I bought/have seven firetv's, fire sticks, and Firestick 4k's total. They were on sale Prime days for $22-$25 each so….

I've cut ties with Cox cable TV, so all I have is YTTV and BOLT OTA now.

I'll post back later today after trying the TiVo stream again.


Ok, I did the 814Mb update and NO MORE YTTV FREEZING! No crashing yet either and that's on live streaming and recordings.

I'm going to try Netflix and some other apps next.
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