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What were your favorite TechTV or ZDTV programs? Choose as many as you wish.

  • Call for Help (with Leo Laporte)

    Votes: 63 52.1%
  • The Screensavers

    Votes: 105 86.8%
  • Money Machine

    Votes: 4 3.3%
  • Tech Live

    Votes: 18 14.9%
  • Fresh Gear

    Votes: 31 25.6%
  • Silicon Spin (w/ John C. Dvorak and friends)

    Votes: 17 14.0%
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Pretty much any episode of TechTv is preferable to most of the garbage they now have on G4. I used to watch TechTv all the time. They at least assumed most people were intelligent. G4 seems to put out shows that get more and more juvenile all the time. And now they're putting out shows that have nothing to do with computers or games.
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