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Your dream SNL hosts?

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Was just watching the end of SNL, when they showed a Sophia Vergara commercial. I got to thinking-she'd be a fun host.

Who'd you like to see?
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David Tennant
Nathan Fillion

Also, Kristen Bell
The child of Nathan Fillion and Kristen Bell.

I can wait.

Or the clone of a 1975-ish Steve Martin.

I can wait.
While I agree with both Nathan Fillion and Kristen Bell individually, I think the child really should be from Kristen Bell and Craig Ferguson.

After watching tons of youtube videos of panel discussions, I'm convinced Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day are like the king and queen of Comicon...
I would definitely second wanting to see Nathan Fillion as SNL host.
I'd like to see Shatner back if only to do an update on the "Get a Life" sketch. That was awesome.
john belushi, gilda radner, and phil hartman.
Buck Henry.
john belushi, gilda radner, and phil hartman.

With the Beatles as the musical guest.
With the Beatles as the musical guest.
But it needs to be understood that it was a $250 offer for the _group_. If only one shows up, well, that's $62.50. I thought we were clear on that point.
1 - 20 of 50 Posts
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