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I have been reading the boards about how 2.5 works for some and not for others. Unfortunately I fall with the latter.
However, I haven't seen anyone who has had the same problems as me so here we go.

I just bought a new Hp laptop with vista. I waited until 2.5 to install Tivo desktop. The installation was fine, but after rebooting the machine the dreaded red x on the tivo icon was displayed saying the server couldn't be found. Now is when it gets weird. I noticed the computer was using a lot of resources and the processor was constantly running. I traced it to the tivo server program running in the processes section of the task manager. Once I closed this process, the processor was back to normal. Now stay with me here, I then reopened the tivo desktop and with the server still not running, (red x) I was able to see my 2 tivos, and its respective content on tivo desktop. I then tried to transfer an episode of Drew Carey to my computer. The file took about a half hour and then said it was finished. i tried to play the show back on my computer, but windows media player says the file is not supported. Does anyone know what the problem is here? I seem to have 2 problems. Cant get the server running and no playback for the videos. This has been so frustrating.
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