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Yellow Screen Dropouts (S3)

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For the past couple of days most, if not all of my recorded shows have been somewhat corrupted. During playback there are brief (1-2 second) interruptions that take the form of a blank, yellow-green screen with no audio. So far there are probably half a dozen per hour. The S3 updated to 9.1 a week ago and the first several recordings did not display any problems, so I'm not sure whether or not there is a correlation. I've had the Tivo since last December and have had no problems up to now.

Is anyone experiencing similar issues?
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Yellow screen? Sounds like a source signal issue. Who is your provider, and where are you located?

Might also want to check the avsforum for your area and provider to see if others are experiencing this.
I had this exact problem with CSI at 40, 48, 48, 55 and 56 minutes, but no other recordings. The screen is bright yellow - nothing greenish about it - with no audio, for about a second each time. The recording source is over-the-air, WCBS-DT (NYC), ch. 2-1.

(Assuming my memory is correct and CSI is broadcast on CBS. I've been with TiVo so long, I hardly ever know what's broadcast where any more. In any event, the signal source is OTA.)
Saw the same thing on CSI, and only CSI on Cablevision in NJ.
This is odd to say the least, when I viewed CSI: Miami this past monday for the first time there was no pixelation or audio dropout...

Then on tuesday the signal was completely lost during the time frame of midnight until I reset the Tivo
It was indeed during CSI and Without a Trace that I noticed it yesterday, and on Joruneyman the night before. Cablevision NJ on CBS HD. Perhaps it was at their end - thanks for the replies.
Sounds like a source issue here. I would recommend going to avsforum to get a broader range of responses for your area. Probably already discussed and resolved there.
Same problem here with CSI: Vegas and Without a Trace. Comcast North Jersey on CBS HD. Recorded on a TiVo HD that's still running 8.1.

Seeing similar responses like these makes it sound like a source problem. Whew. I thought I was going to have to send the TiVo and/or TV for repair.
Observed same problem on CSI (WCBS-DT). Must be a source problem.
And last night I noticed it while watching both recorded AND live broadcasts on CBS-HD, but only on CBS. Thanks again for the replies - I feel much better knowing the problem is on their end - especially since I just ordered another S3 :)
Definitely a source issue.

I still have my ReplayTV hooked up to my HD cablevision rented Scientific Atlanta 4200HD box, and I saw the yellow screens on both sources.

Yes, I watched the CSI episode twice, once on the tivo, and once on the replay.

Both had the same yellow boxes coming up...
I had the same problem although only once or twice on the Cablevision/NorthernNJ feed...of NBC...CSI. Yellowscreen...then normal ...only about a second...
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