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http://www.carterphile.com/News.html quotes some information about what Chris has been up to (below.) I'd like to see Millenium revisited periodically. Remember back when they used to do TV movies two or three times a year to get the old gangs together? Maybe if big budget blockbusters aren't the way to go, TV movies would be a better route. It's a limited investment for the network; doesn't involve renewals and timeframes, etc. Seems like Alien Nation was done this way (tv show not the film) and there were oodles of Brady kids specials. I think it adds continued interest to the franchise over time. Get David and Gillian in for a "3 night X-files event you have to see to believe" and the ratings will follow. Or, FOX, how about a three-hour block on Saturday night.

From Entertainment Weekly, August of 2005:

They made EW's first decade memorable. Catching up with some of the brightest TV, movie, and music stars of the '90s
Chris Carter Then: Created the ultimate '90s water-cooler show 'The X-Files'.
What does a lifelong surfer do when his phenomenally successful TV series finally comes to an end? Hits the waves, man. "Traveling and surfing" is what Chris Carter, creator of The X-Files and self-described "pilgrim," has been doing since the show's May 2002 sign-off. That and getting his pilot's license, running a few marathons, teaching himself music...and writing, of course. He just finished a film adaptation of The World of Ted Serios, by the psychoanalyst Jule Eisenbud. Eisenbud believed Serios, a Chicago hotel porter, could project his thoughts onto a Polaroid. "He believed he had a reproducible paranormal ability, and was shamed by scientists for his belief in that phenomenon," says Carter, 48. Sounds a bit X-Files-ish. But what Carter is writing isn't nearly as Mulderian as where he's writing it: He's just begun a three-month stint as writer-in-residence at the Kavli Institute, a center for the study of (among other things) the arcane branch of physics known as string theory. "It's almost faith-based science," he says. "Faith in the numbers. It's unprovable experimentally." Speaking of faith: What of the X-Files movie sequel? Carter blames the delay on tangled contracts. The story was completed last year, and he says David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are on board. "We'd want to tell a Mulder and Scully story, specifically." Entertainment law, it seems, is not as malleable as the laws of physics. But Carter's a believer: "The chances are very good." And the truth won't stay out there forever. --Scott Brown
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