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<---Isn't a 10 year network admin and got his non authorized network adapter to work with Tivo on the first try. Also realizes that the guy you said to get a life also only has 4,067 posts in 5 years, which anyone with 10 years as a network admin would know, comes out to 813.4 posts a year, 68 posts a month, or 2 posts per day. So basically, you have already passed his 2 posts per day in 1 day, so maybe you should be the one getting a life.

And I find your frustrations hilarious because you are supposedly a genius(by the way you phrased your comments) and a little technology that you know all about doesn't work for you.

It isn't Tivo's fault you probably hooked the adapter up all wrong.

And also expects to be flamed for the post above as well, but thats ok, is used to being cussed out by customers every day.
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