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WOW digital and TiVo

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I have searched here and elsewhere on the web for answers, and have found some, but am still unsure how this will work out. As with others, WOW has sent a digital adapter to replace their basic channel analog feed.

My S2 TiVo setup is as follows:
Cable in from WOW to splitter, one feed from splitter to TiVo tuner, one feed from splitter to a cable box, out from there to the TiVo. IR blaster is on the cable box. Basic cable runs thru the TiVo tuner, expanded basic (digital) runs thru the cable box before coming to the TiVo. My TV does not have a digital tuner. All works fine.

In reading about the adapter.....I haven't seen anyone post a setup like mine (which is textbook setup from the TiVo site) asking about inserting the digital adapter into this setup. If I understand correctly, my S2 will not handle two digital inputs and continue to function as a dual tuner unit. Correct?

So, how to install the adapter with an S2 and a cable box, while maintaining dual tuner capabilities?

Maybe I am over complicating this, my current setup works fine, and I am not nutz about messing with it. (Plus, even if I do connect it, I have to call and activate the adapter, then wait up to x hours before I can see if what I have done bears fruit? What a pain!)

OK, enough with my rant.....if anyone has a setup like mine, and has successfully installed this adapter from WOW, AND maintained dual tuner capabilities, I would love to hear how you have it set up.

Thanks to all,
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The cable box and the digital adapter can NOT both be connected to the Tivo.
As long as you still have some analog channels, your current setup is the best you'll get. When the day comes that WOW stops providing any analog channels, your Tivo will be limited to just one tuner, the one being fed by the cable box.
Thank you, that is what I had thought based on my research....WOW would lead you to believe otherwise in their FAQ's on their site.

Looks like I'll be getting a Premier soon....:D

Thanks again,
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