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Billy66 said:
Hi Johnny,

The key and critical question you need to answer for yourself is "Can I get my local channels in HD OTA?" if you can get your locals OTA, you may not have a desire for MPEG4 for a long while.

since Johnny is apparently close to the towers, id say get one as cheap as you can. you will always own it and it will be good for a few more years at least until they turn off mpeg2. Also, if you care about UPN WB PBS in hi def, mpeg 4 wont even help you for at least the near future as DTV doesn't beam them to us.

I love the hdtivo and will never regret getting it. the OTA enabled me to buy a new tv and i'm enjoying the benefits every day. And heck, makes a great addtional SD device for triple conflicts too (which is the true reason I bought one )
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