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Will you buy a Series 3 or THD now that TTG/MRV has been announced?

  • Yes - I have one S3/THD box and was waiting for MRV/TTG

    Votes: 89 45.9%
  • Yes - this will be my first S3/THD box

    Votes: 28 14.4%
  • Yes, though I already have more than 1 S3/THD box

    Votes: 29 14.9%
  • No - one box is enough for me

    Votes: 42 21.6%
  • No - I have no plans to buy a Series 3 platform box (S3/THD)

    Votes: 6 3.1%
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Upon this announcement, and the expiration of my free years of service from the S3 transfer, I retired our Humax T800 at 176 hrs. Replacing it is a TiVoHD, upgraded to 62 hrs HD before ever powering up the box.

BTW, I used the WinMFS approach and it was scary just how simple it was. (previous boxes were upgraded using Hinsdale, et. al.)

Comcast is scheduled to show up Saturday morning with a MultiStream CC. They've promised me they will bring several just in case, but of course, only 1 is going in the TiVoHD.

Now the real question I'm waiting for is what kind of transfer speeds will we see over a Gigabit wired ethernet network? (Yes, I realize the bottleneck will be in the TiVo processing and the 100 Mbps network adapters in the Series3 and the TiVoHD).
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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