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Will you buy a Series 3 or THD now that TTG/MRV has been announced?

  • Yes - I have one S3/THD box and was waiting for MRV/TTG

    Votes: 89 45.9%
  • Yes - this will be my first S3/THD box

    Votes: 28 14.4%
  • Yes, though I already have more than 1 S3/THD box

    Votes: 29 14.9%
  • No - one box is enough for me

    Votes: 42 21.6%
  • No - I have no plans to buy a Series 3 platform box (S3/THD)

    Votes: 6 3.1%
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I've still got the Series 2 box from which I'd transferred the lifetime service to my Series 3. The transfer deal gave me one year of free service on that box which is almost up which means that I'll soon be paying $6.95/month for service on that box. I can replace it in November with the THD unit for something under $299 and get twice the disk capacity, dual tuners, a spare remote, 16x9 aspect support, an ethernet hardwire connector, HD capability along with MRV and TTG services for HD and SD programs as well as a few more goodies. And the service charge, by signing up for three years, will be at the same $6.95 monthly rate I'd have to pay for the Series 2. I can and probably will add cable cards to support additional channels but alternately I could run the box with only analog channels as I do now with the Series 2 box and hence not change my Comcast charges.

Seems like a no-brainer to me to get a THD and dump that old Series 2. I think that a lot of "early adopters" who transferred lifetime service may find this approach appealing (and something their spouses will see logic in).
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