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Will you buy a Series 3 or THD now that TTG/MRV has been announced?

  • Yes - I have one S3/THD box and was waiting for MRV/TTG

    Votes: 89 45.9%
  • Yes - this will be my first S3/THD box

    Votes: 28 14.4%
  • Yes, though I already have more than 1 S3/THD box

    Votes: 29 14.9%
  • No - one box is enough for me

    Votes: 42 21.6%
  • No - I have no plans to buy a Series 3 platform box (S3/THD)

    Votes: 6 3.1%
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I'd love to, but my second TV is in the bedroom, and that poses two problems:

1) There is no ethernet cable there - so unless Tivo comes out with an "N" adaptor, cannot see sharing HD to that TV.

2) Comcast here in NJ charges $7.50 for that second cable card, and will not listen to reason. So for my S3 in the living room, the first card is "free" as part of the outlet, but the 2nd is a $7.50/month charge.

Because of all that I just sucked it up and got a Motorola DVR in the bedroom - even ignoring the purchase cost of a Tivo, it was way cheaper.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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