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Wishlists not restoring as auto-record

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So, I've been doing the (networked TiVo) switch to altepg dance this evening, having used mikerr's Convert season passes to title wishlists tivoweb module earlier in the week to convert my seaons passes, and then the backup module to save them. (hand hacked to stop it saving out channels and SPs, since that's all irrelevant and caused my box to reboot)

Upon restoring, the wishlists seem to have been recreated as non-recording: in tivoweb their icon's are a yellow dot, not a star, and the SP list is unpopulated.

Have I missed something, could this be a side effect of tivo still processing the results of re-doing guided setup after switching to altepg, or is some more dancing required?

And pointers gratefully dereferenced
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Obvious in hindsight: the autorecording wishlists should have had an associated SP too by the look of things in an old complete backup file, and by stopping the backup module from saving out SPs, I created my own problem.
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