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I suggest adding checkmarks to the top menu of Upcoming Programs indicating TiVo is scheduled to record that particular show--even if the time I selected isn't the soonest (or top of the list).

For instance, With Mirren, Helen on my WL, Upcoming Programs are (at this moment):

Gosford Park,
Where Angels Fe
Raising Helen

"Where Angels Fe [sic]" IS CHECKED , so I can easily see that I am planning to record it.

But, the others are NOT checked (at this level) although I thought I had programmed them.

To confirm that I or TiVo didn't make an error, it is necessary to confirm they are scheduled by going down the menu. A couple more clicks reval that indeed, TiVo IS scheduled to record each, albeit at a later rather than soonest time.

I'm glad I can check it but if the top menu had all of them checked, it would be more seamless.

Thanks for the consideration.
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