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Wishlist issue with Digital Channels

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Having a problem with Wishlist results on network (and other dual channel) feeds.

Series 3 TIVO, dual cable cards. We are analog from 2 to 99, digital above 100. We have about 10 channels that are on both the analog feed and digital feed (i.e. nbc, cbs, abc, tbs, espn 1 & 2, A&E, ect). In addition to multiple HBO feeds, I have both HBO and HBOHD in the digital band (same with the other premium services that have an HD feed).

If I set a wishlist that results in a hit on one of the "dual" channels (i.e. on NBC, or on HBO), it ONLY shows the analog feed (or in the case of HBO, the non HD feed). In other words, if the program is on NBC and NBCHD, it will only show the NBC. If, when I set up a wishlist, I specify HD as a category, the showing on NBCHD will show up, but if the program is going to be on but not in HD, then that wish list will miss it.

Not showing both HD and non HD on the same wishlist is unique to the "dual channels", as far as I can tell. For example, American Chopper appears on both TLC and Discovery HD, but not simultaneously. If I do an American Chopper wishlist, with no category, it picks up both the episodes on TLC and Discovery HD. It is only when two channels are showing the same thing simultaneously that the HD versions are ommited.

So assume a typical situation. I want to tape a movie, and if it happens to be on HD I want to get that feed. If I set up a title wishlist without specifying HD, and it pops up on NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, TBS, or HBO, the wishlist will only show the movie on the analog feeds and ignore the digital (HD) feeds. If I set it up with the HD category, however, it will ONLY show the movie if it pops up in HD, and will ignore the movie on other feeds. So the only way to do this is to set up two wishlists which are identical except that one will have no category, and the other with a category of HD.

Either I'm missing a setting that will allow the wishlist to show the HD version of a program that appears on the "dual channels" without excluding programs that are non broadcast in HD at all, or the programing is goofy.

Am I missing something?
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Wishlists record from the first channel matching the criteria. To make wishlists display only the equivalent HD channels, you will need to disable the duplicate non-HD channels in Settings->Channels->Channel List.
Solution won't work for me very well for a couple of reasons, most important being that we don't have digital on all of our TV's, and wife will never be able to remember that channel 2 on the other TV's is 232 in the living room, 5 is 233, ect.

And if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy :)

Plus, because the HD stations are not always stable, I like to keep the analogs available as a quick backup.

But at least now I realize what the thought was in programming it this way. They assume we will only keep the better channel active.

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