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Wishlist duplicate entries/infinite loop

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I set up a wishlist on my series 3 to find all HD movies, and I'm having some weird issues with it. I live in central Florida and have Brighthouse, and they have HBO HD and Showtime HD on two channels each. For example, HBO HD is on 243 and 1243. When I browse through the wishlist results, all movies on HBO or Showtime show up 4 times (twice per channel) instead of just twice (once per channel). And after I scroll down a few pages, it starts looping. So I page down, and the next page has the same exact movies on it. Each channel only appears in the channel list once, and rerunning guided setup didn't help at all. Has anyone else run into this?

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I would guess that HBO and Showtime will have lots of moves in HD are you sure that each page is not a movie in a different time/date slot?
yep. same movies, same dates, same times. it says there are over 200 matches, and it's looping after 37 pages. 6 entries on the first page plus 5 on each subsequent page comes out to 186. if i remove HBO HD and Showtime HD from my channel line up, it shows 40 pages and then stops when it hits the end. so something screwy is definitely going on.

update: if i only add one instance of each channel to my lineup, like 1243 but not 243, the movies only show up once and everything works correctly. so it appears it has something to do with having two instances of each channel in my lineup.
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