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Wish List differences.

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Hi All,

I have 2 HR10-250's and both are running rev 6.3d-01-2-357 and have been for some time now.

On one of them I can go to "create new wish list then category then show types" and right below season premier are 7 more selections for "series, series premier, series finale, soap opera, special, standup and talk".

On the other one it stops at the season premier selection and doesn't offer more show types to choose from. I've restarted this recorder using the "clear thumbs and suggestions" option but those other options still don't show up.


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On my HR10, here's what's listed in the Show Types Category.
Award Ceremony, Event, Game Show, Mini-Series, Movies, Series, Soap Opera, Special, Talk, All Day Ticket, Delayed, Finale, First Run, Live, PPV, Premiere, Repeat, Season Finale, and Season Premiere.

Some of the extra ones you mention are in my list, just not in the same place. Do both of your HR10s have the same list, but in a different order?
No. The one that doesn't have series premier and finale lists only 19 show types just like your list. The other one lists 21 types of shows with those 2 being the extra ones.
I've noticed several changes in the last week or two. (I may not have the following exactly right as I'm working from memory.)

One is that "HDTV" changed to "Hi-Def" and it now appears at both the top level of the program categories and under "Audio / Video". HDTV used to show up only under "Audio / Video".

I had a few wishlists set up that specified HDTV. When I first noticed that Hi-Def had replaced HDTV in program descriptions, I checked to see if those wishlists still worked. It was interesting to note that the wishlist name still appeared in the list with "HDTV" but as I visited each wishlist item, the name changed from HDTV to Hi-Def.

I also notice that "Series Premiere" was a new show type. I think that previously there had been a "Season Premiere" show type, but premieres of new series were lumped in to the "Premiere" show type, which was mostly filled with movies showing for the first time on any given channel. That was somewhat frustrating, and I was glad to see the new "Series Premiere" category show up.
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Which unit called in last? Maybe, there's a difference in the guide data that hasn't caught up to your one unit or mine?
"...and I was glad to see the new "Series Premiere" category show up."
Me too.

Just checked on the last connection times for both. Tivo1 is the good one with the Series Premier option:
Tivo 1 Tivo2
Last Service Connection 7/29 at 5:54pm 7/31 at 2:08am
Last Service Download 8/4 at 3:00am 8/4 at 3:00am

All were "completed" and "successful".

Doesn't look like that has anything to do with it. Maybe it will catch up on the next
connection / download.
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