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Is there hack that will prevent the TiVo from pinging the gateway address during the network configuration or during the daily update?

My problem is that with the Sonicwall TZ150 (provided by my employer) the WLAN interface is a virtual interface on the Sonicwall, thus its WLAN IP (which is the gateway address used by the TiVo) does not respond to pings. Since it doesn't reply the TiVo gives up and refuses to complete the network configuration.

While fiddling with this the TiVo locked up requiring a hard boot. Afterward it had the proper network configuration and I got a solid light on the WLAN adapter indicating a good connection to the WLAN. However, the TiVo still tries to ping the gateway at the start of the update process. Since the gateway doesn't reply it won't complete the update.

I'd really rather not have to get an additional WAP just for my TiVos, and running cable is our of the question.

Suggestions appreciated!
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