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Wireless router

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(Hope this come out clear). I have 2 tivo's and 2 computers that are hardwired via a switch. I had the switch plugged into a wireless router that was plugged into my DSL modem. Both my DSL modem and wireless router "took a hit" last week. The cable company replaced the DSL modem with a new one that is also a router (not wireless). After resetting the Tivo's everything is working again. But, I am now unable to use my laptop wirelessly.
My question is, is there a wireless device that I could plug into one of the slots in the DSL modem a be able to use the laptop wirelessly again?? I don't want to booger with the present Tivo/Computer setup again as everything is working great.
Thank you for going thru the pain of trying to figure out what I am asking.
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Any electronics or computer store shoul have a good selection of wireless routers or access points. A wireless access point would be all you need to plug into your existing switch, but an access point would likely cost about the same as an entire wireless router. If you bought another router, you wouldn't necessarily have to use it as a router. Just plug in one of the lan ports to one of the lan ports on your existing router or swith and configure the wireless DHCP settings to tell the wireless computer to use the other router as the gateway.

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