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Wireless Network Help-"Ultimate" thread is confusing

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Okay, this is a loaded post:

First of all, these are the materials I have to work with.
2 tivos series 2 (40 hr)
linksys wireless-G router with vonage adapter
2 netgear usb adapters (WG111)
linksys gaming adapter for my PS2
linksys wireless-g router (without a vonage adapter)

I know I need wired adapters to connect to the gaming adapter for the "ultimate network". but before i do that i want to know if I can share the gaming adapter between my tivo and PS2 ( by sharing I mean having it connected to tivo most of the time and connecting it to ps2 only when i play ps2, which is not often).

Also, as I said, I have two wireless routers (one w vonage and one without). My current setup is : modem connects to router (w/ vonage) wired to PC (wireless router then communicates with netgear adapters and gaming adapter). So I have an extra linksys router that I don't know what to do with. I have heard about bridging but I don't know what that is. Can I get any use of my extra router somehow?

Please Help.
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