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Wireless connection problems - 1 TiVo does, the other doesn't

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I recently got a new wireless router and a friend of mine set up the password and security for it. I have two TiVo's, a series 2 and a premier. The premier works fine with connecting to it and still does. My netbook works fine from it.

I got a notice today that the series 2 had only one day left of programming and realized that I hadn't reset it (d'oh!). Simple enough, I went in, found the new network on the list, put in the ssid password and bingo....nothing. It is not connecting. I have tried 3 times and did go check that I was putting the right password with caps and # where they should be, and I had. I am befuddled.

My friend set it up and I can't remember if on the linksys page he had to actually put down how many items would be using the system. I don't know what I am missing with this when setting it up.

edit update -
got it working. I restarted the whole thing and when I did that and went to connect it asked me about the wpa and the aes - which it didn't do before - and it accepted the new connection.
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The ssid is the "name" of the wireless part of the network, and your router may or may not be set to "broadcast' it. Better security if you don't, just make sure the TiVo, and anything else you've got connecting wirelessly, knows it.

That's not the same as the password, which is only called for if you use WEP or some form of WPA.
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