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windows interface on my TV screen

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Ok, I know im a novice so dont tear me up too much, but here it goes... I turned on my tv to find a windows interface on my tv screen. It looked exactly like the interface on my pc, and to add to that, there was excel on the desktop. Ummm, so what the heck is all that about??? I have a phillips dual tuner dtv dvr.
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The show you where watching was teaching you how to use excel?
Did you hit the Window button?
Dirac said:
Did you hit the Window button?
You get 3 points for that one...

To the OP... it has to be a program, there is absolutely NOTHING in the TiVo software that would even remotely come close to looking like that.
Are you running Galleon and perhaps using the Desktop app?

Though it'd be pretty hard to do that without knowing ...

edit: oops, missed the fact you have a DirecTiVo (missed which forum area I was in), which doesn't support Galleon. Maybe JavaHMO?
lol, the thought that maybe it was recording a show that was teaching excel is an interesting one, although, I had nothing set to record like that, also i had no external controls (remote or dvr buttons) had to restart the dvr.
Wow... Windows Can Crash Systems that are just displaying their functionality.

Your unit had to have frozen on that particular screen... Only practical answer.
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