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I apologize if this is not the correct forum for a question from someone who currently has a 4-3 CRT 36inch tube TV and is thinking about buying a widescreen HDTV. I have a Standalone Series 2 TIVO, and I don't plan on changing this. Obviously my Tivo cannot and does not support HD. But here is my question -- if I got a new widescreen HDTV, would the Tivo at least be able to output the non-HD signal in widescreen format? Or, will I be stuck watching a 4/3 aspect ratio with vertical bars on the left and right of my TV screen if I really wanted to use Tivo? I'll probably upgrade my digital cable to HiDef and hook that box directly into my TV. But, I love Tivo (especially because of the HME features), and want to keep using it. I'm aware I might have a picture quality issue... but what I really want to know is if Tivo is capable of outputting a 16/9, aspect ratio, even though it won't be HD. Thanks,

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The DTivo will send out a 4:3 image (SD DTivo that is)

Your TV then can do what it wants with it...

Most TV's offer an option to either put the bars on the sides, or stretch (in various ways) the image to fill the entire screen.

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Mine has the optoin to set for 16:9 tv but I dont think it does anything with it except for when playing DVDS (humax).

From experience I can tell you that SD programming looks horrible on an HDTV on my Humax. I have to use Best quality for everything or it makes shows lamost unwatchable on the HDTV (have the sony 42" wega A10). Stretching it to fit the screen just amplifys the nasty pixelation etc.

What I usually do is just run it 4:3 into my 16:9 tv and watch it as 4:3 with windowboxing (bars on the left and right sides). If its a widescreen show or movie playing, I will sometimes zoom it or widezoom it on the tv but most of the time i just stick to 4:3. one of the reasons why I dont watch much SD content on the new tv. just looks so bad.

going to try my old Series 1 on it tonight I think. the PQ is so much better on it, I want to see if it stands up in medium or high format to the humax at high or best.
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