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Will old tivo work with the New Slimline Dish?

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I just ordered the new Slimline Dish as I would like to get it on my roof before winter is here. I don't plan on purchasing HD receivers for a few months as that is when my new theater room will be built. Will the regular receivers I use now (with my round dish) still work with the new Slimline dish?

Thanks for your help!
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stevel said:
Yes, they will.
Thanks Steve! You are the man!
The old receivers will work with the new dish not a problem.

The Slimline dish is exactly the same as the one you have now, only it can get the New Sats for HD.
Well, I would not say it is "exactly the same". It is much bigger, has LNBs for five satellites instead of one, and has a multiswitch capable of properly switching and combining the signals from all the LNBs. But as far as DTiVos are concerned, the Slimline can be treated as if it were a round dish or a 3-sat dish.
Amazing that it takes five satellites to get video so compressed I could fit it in a dialup connection.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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