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While there may be some exceptions they ship it assuming the HR10 is obviously bad. If the phone rep thinks it may be a system related issue they will send out a tech under the PP. If you are on the protection plan according to their own rules, it is supposed to be owned. If it isn't when you get it call their "card department" and have it changed. It specifically states in their 'system "owned replaced by owned." However, why would you want to own it? Leasing makes more sense. Keeping the HR10 is what you really want, but as for the HR20 since they virtually give them away they would have no real value, plus being leased it is basically waranteed for life.
IOTP said:
Here is a question... If you "own" your HR10-250, and paid $999 for it like I did, when you contact DTV, and say your HR10-250 is "acting up" will the HR20 they send you be a "leased" or "owned" unit??

Then the next question is, do they "ship" it or does the "directv repair guy" drop it off at the door?
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