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On NBC they said it would be an hour. However, I found an article stating the finale would be preceded by a look back at the series.

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That was fun! I watched the about-a-minute video preview and was just getting ready to x out that window when the next one started. It was about 3.5 minutes with McCormack and Hayes.

I hope to see Sean Hayes in a new sitcom soon. I just adore him. I liked that one short-lived sitcom he did where Linda Lavin played his mother. That was a great match-up! I think Thomas Lennon was in it, too. Some great comedy with all three of them.

I am also a huge fan of Megan Mullally and hope to see her in something soon. She and I have the same birthday ('cept she's younger), and I love that because it's just fun to have somebody you really like with the same bd. :)

Eric McCormack is good for comedy or drama so I also hope to see him again soon. I also like Debra Messing. Her last show was pretty good but it was also short-lived.

(oops, sorry to blather on) :oops:

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I used to watch the original run from start to finish and enjoyed it a lot. That was before the age of social media so all folks knew about the actors came from Entertainment Tonight. All sugar coated fun.

Fast forward to reboot and I was eager to jump back into the show. The excitement faded within 15 minutes of episode 1 when it was a non stop president bashing session.
Then I started to see all the vile hate filled social media posts by at least two of the main actors and that was it for me. For folks who say they belong to a peace loving group, they are truly far from that.

I won't miss them at all. It's a shame.
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