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Will a Tivo work with Directv??

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I have Directv with 2 Directivos at my house. My parents have a super complicated Directv DVR at their house that they can't figure out how to use. I would like a huge capacity Tivo as my biggest only holds about 70 hours or less. Does anyone know if I can buy a Tivo and Tivo service from tivo and connect it to my Directv and just have Tivo service and Directv service? I know I don't want a Directv DVR because my parents' one is too complicated for me as well. Does anyone have Directv and Tivo? Will Directv let us do that?
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Yes, that will work fine. You'll just need a standard DirecTV receiver to connect to any model of TiVo.
Could I have both a Directv Tivo and a regular Tivo hooked up to the same Tv and keep the Directivo as the receiver??
amgqmp1 said:
Yes, that will work fine. You'll just need a standard DirecTV receiver to connect to any model of TiVo.
this will only work with a series 2 tivo
I could have a series two Directivo and Series two tivo connected to one tv?? Thanks guys!
Provided your TV has enough inputs - yes.
Or I should just try to let go and actually get rid of some of my saved shows right? One of the reasons I want to get a regular tivo would be to use the Unbox service where you download shows from Amazon to Tivo, but it won't download to a Directivo. Does anyone know if it will work if I have a Tivo Tivo but Directv service??
I heard a series 3 HD Tivo will only work with cable, is that true? I have Directv, I'm confused!
dj maniac said:
I heard a series 3 HD Tivo will only work with cable, is that true? I have Directv, I'm confused!
Basically yes.

Since you've got DirecTV you've basically got two choices for a dual tuning DVR. Yes one of the older Series 2 units will work with them too as a single Tuner DVR connected to the DirectTV box.

1) Get an older, but still supported*, DirecTiVo, so that you can enjoy the TiVo software interface.

2) Go with DirecTV's newest DVR lineup (recommended) as they are in the process of changing out their feeds to MPEG4 for their HD content, and only the newest DirecTV boxes will support that...not the older DirecTiVo boxes.

You will get more information from the DirectTV/TiVo subforum here, while their opinions will be biased towards the DirecTivo hardware, they'll give you the full scoop and facts too.


DirectTiVo w/HD
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Why don't you just upgrade your existing DirecTiVo with a larger hard drive? You can get a bigger drive from Weaknees or 9th Tee.
dj maniac said:
I heard a series 3 HD Tivo will only work with cable, is that true? I have Directv, I'm confused!
The issue is that the series 3 does not have a video input. There is no place to connect the video output from a satellite receiver. The only inputs to a series 3 are the RF inputs for antenna/cable. The series 3 will also work fine for OTA recording. It will not work with satellite. You need a series 2 for that.
Thanks guys, I have two tivo's both are Series 2 connected to Directv HD Boxes, whenever I want to watch something in HD I'll switch to a different input. It just sucks that I would have to have cable to get a series 3.
why don't you just get your parents directivos?
You cannot use a DirecTV TiVo receiver to supply a Standalone TiVo.

You can use a Standalone TiVo with all the online content features regardless of the "local" programming source.
Question to see if I understand correctly....

I have a DirecTV HD Receiver (NOT DVR, Just Receiver) and I want to hook up a dual tuner HD Tivo. Can I get the "DirecTIVO" off ebay and it works with my DirecTV HD Receiver?

Basically I will have a HDMI input on the DirecTIVO and a way to somehow have the DirecTIVO communicate with the DirecTV HD Receiver to change the channel?

Just making sure I on right path here.... Also want to make sure I get the correct DirecTIVO that is HD and dual tuner.

Thanks (why they have to make this so difficult?)
A DirectTiVo doesn't hook to a receiver, it is a receiver. The only HD DirecTiVo is the HR10-250. This is a note about that unit from the weaKnees site:

"NOTE: The HR10-250 (below) cannot receive or process signals in MPEG4 format, which means that it cannot get HD local channels via satellite in most areas of the country. The HR10-250 WILL process off-air HD signals. weaKnees is not responsible for DIRECTV's future plans with HD content. "

There is a new HD DirecTiVo supposedly in development but its release keeps getting delayed.

All of the other HD TiVos are cable and OTA only and cannot be used for satellite. They have no video or audio input.

The only TiVos that ever worked with a separate receiver were the Series 1s and the single tuner Series 2s.

Looks like DirecTV has moved all of their HD to mpeg4.
I found another note on the weaKnees site.:

"This does not tune DirecTV's HD signals - only over-the-air HD signals. It will get DirecTV's SD signals"

Bottom line, looks for DirecTV HD, TiVo is not an option.
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Thanks for the info, ok so I have the Direct TV HD Receiver (doesn't seem to have a model number anywhere) but I just got and is a re manufactured unit from Direct TV and says built in 2009. I also have a Tivo Series 2 I used with a old SD DirecTV box that broke. The Tivo 2 has a "control out" and I have a cable that plugs into the control out IR and has something like a phone jack (but it's not as big) on the end. I see the DirecTV HD box doesn't have anywhere to plug in this IR/Control Cable.

Do I got other options or some other cable I need to get to work with the DirecTV HD box so the Tivo 2 can control it and change it's channel?

Also, can I have 2 outputs of the direcTV HD box one to TV for viewing LIVE TV and one to TIVO 2 so it can record at least 1 cable show?
If the DirecTV receiver as no control input, you will have to use IR blasters.

Available from multiple sources, including:

weaKnees and TiVo.
Both of these are the same as what should have been included with your TiVo.
You could also go with one from monoprice

Check out this thread http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?t=472443

You should probably verify that the TiVo has the control codes for that model receiver before you order the cable.
For the one DirecTV box you have, you can only tune one channel at a time, so you will have to watch the channel you are recording.

To watch and record separate channels, you need separate receivers for each. That is what I do.
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