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Why no HD for X-Games?

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It just seems like a perfect fit, no?

Beautiful Aspen, beautiful snow.

Oh well
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This is where I'd normally make some snarky comment about even ESPN, who manufactured the whole sport in the first place, recognizing that the X Games isn't really a sport worthy of spending any more than the absolute minimum on broadcasting it.
X-Games and HD a perfect fit? Maybe, maybe not. I know that each network only has a small number of HD cameras to go around (though the number is growing every year) and can only commit to so many events a week. Executives may have figured that the target audience for X-Games probably overlaps less with the HDTV-owning demographic than with the iPod-owning demographic. Why bother shooting something in HD when the target audience is more into downloading low-resolution versions of the content and watching it on tiny screens? Of course, I have nothing to back this up with, but it makes for an interesting theory.
I wasn't really thinking about anything but my personal viewing pleasure. I'm about the furthest thing away from an X-Games type person. We happen to watch a lot of TV with the volume off, and I just looked up at the snow and the colors and stuff and thought, wow that would look nice it HD-thats all.
I would much, much rather watch the Winter X-Games than the bloated, boring Winter Olympics. The X-Games should be in HD.
I'll agree you that the Olympics are boring the way we see them via NBC. There are far too many segments about the athletes and their struggles to get to the Olympics, blah blah blah. Please NBC, buy the Lifetime Channel and keep that crap over there, and show real sporting events in HD. Better yet, buy the content from whoever shows it in Canada. I think they have a lot more coverage of the real Olympic events.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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