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Why no firewire or sata ports with HDtivo?

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I have both HDTivo and Comcast Hd Dvr and wanted more space with moto (only has 120gb Hd). Anyway I added an RCA DVR2160 via firewire to my Mits Tv and moto6412 and have added 160gb worth of storage (got it at hdtoystore for $99 plus shipping..$400 off reg price). It works great and I record HD programming to both units and pq and 5.1 DD audio are perfect! I wonder why DTV doesnt have active firewire ports on their dvrs? Rumor has it that soon Comcast will enable the SATA ports to add an external HD directly to the moto6412. I wonder if DTV will enable external ports on future dvrs and keep up with cable cos. Does any one know?
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Doubtful. This is certainly very very low on DirecTV's priority list of potential DVR enhancements.

The good news is that you can upgrade the internal hard drive pretty easily yourself, and the architecture supports two internal drives if you want to get real big. At least this is true of the Tivo-based DVRs, like the HR10-250. Nobody has figured out how to upgrade hard drives on the new NDS-based DVRs from DirecTV, like the R15 DVR and soon-to-be-released HR20 that will replace the HR10-250 later this year.
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