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I’ve been a TiVo user since the series 1 machine first came out back in the late 90s.
I‘ve upgraded constantly, buying every new model when they came out and have been thrilled with each new generation of hardware.

Until I got an Edge. What is wrong with this box?
My Edge freezes several times a week and I have to pull the power cord to reboot. I’m currently on my 5th Edge unit.
Why do they keep failing? I’ve even bought weakknees units (with internal hard drives). And still those fail as well.
Weakknees is awesome they have replaced my Edge twice at no additional charge. They even paid for shipping. Yet still my Edge fails.
It galls me to think my only solution is to buy another TiVo from weakknees and pay $600 for a unit with an external hard drive.

TiVo has evolved into just a holding company for its patents. They have abandoned the hardware.

what should I do? Get a Frontier DVR? I need to stay with a dvr because my 80 year old mother can barely use the TiVo we have let alone having to use different apps to watch shows we could have recorded.

I’m upset and feel betrayed by TiVo. What do you folks think I should do?

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