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It took me 4.5 months to solve my Tivo problems. Bottom line - problem was finally solved at cable company head end! For all the months I had numerous tech calls (from Spectrum); replaced Edge; replaced tuning adapter; replaced cable card; etc. etc. Finally an older tech who had worked in my area (Columbus, OH) for many years arrived. He said he thought he could find an 'old box' that they used to use, attach it and monitor. This was at the head end site, not at my house. I wish I could tell you more, but within a week all problems were resolved. System has worked flawlessly for now a year. Unfortunately I never could find out whether the fix involved defective hardware or a software change. I do keep the tech's email handy! Keep fighting. My setup is an Edge, Cisco TA, and an older Mini. By the way when I moved from Roamio to Edge my Mini didn't work. Finally got through to Tivo and was instructed on how to update Mini software. I am not known to be a patient person but I love Tivo and was determined to find the solutions. If you are still reading, let me tell one more story. I have a wifi type device which sends audio to my hearing aids. It only works with PCM audio. I set my TV is set to send audio to internal speakers and also optical. With Edge there is a menu to select PCM only for optical. When I bought a stream 4k it was not so easy but finally found a setting to select PCM. I can post if anyone interested.
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