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Why are there SD and HD menus in Premiere

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I'm based in the UK and 'might' eventually get a Virgin Media TiVo. In the meantime one thing is puzzling me....why are the Premiere/Virgin menus still a mixture of SD and HD?

I can't imagine it's due to laziness on the part of the TiVo engineers? So is it because ...

1) the 2nd Processor needs to be activated before a full HD menu set can be handled efficiently?
2) the HD menus are stored in the box, whilst the SD ones are stored on the server and hence cast in concrete?
3) Is it something to do with Flash eg the HD ones are written in flash?
4) Is it because of some backwards compatibility requirements with older generation TiVos that the SD ones must remain in SD?
5) Lack of engineering resources at TiVo to redesign the SD ones into HD?
6) A rush to market in time to catch the RCN prospect, say, meant that the design was frozen when it was 'good enough'?

Thanks in advance,

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More then one answer applies.

As you mentioned, some menu's come from a server. Such as the vod menu, amazon, rss feeds and what not. And those apps would have to be updated to be in HD, but would not match the main premiere ui even if they were in hd.

Other menu's, like the to do list, system information, and setup are still the sd ui. They could be made into the hdui, but haven't. And we really don't know why definitively tivo has not done this. Could be rush to market, could be many other reasons we have not thought of. We just don't know.
Thanks for the reply. I would hope that one day (soon) the situation is rectifed since it does get a fair bit of coverage in various forums and not in a positive way.
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