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You can manually add a cable card bracket to a Roamio OTA to use for cable.
I can't believe I missed that. I've had an OTA in storage for years because we replaced it with a Roamio Pro a few years ago (which I'm glad we did anyways because we needed a moca bridge.) My Roamio OTA has a ton of recorded shows when I lived in a different city and it would be cool to use it again if I could also connect an extra CableCard to it.

Now I'm gonna look into this cable card bracket research thanks to you because I honestly cannot believe I missed out knowing that all my few years randomly on this forum lol.

Do you happen to know if is easy in settings to switch between OTA and CableCard channels and/or can I use a splitter (maybe with a switch) to send both OTA/Antenna AND CableTV signals to the single coax input on the Roamio OTA?

...Plus I miss Tivo Menu + 0 to activate that cool TiVo animation video which only the Roamio OTA version had lol
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