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Do you happen to know if is easy in settings to switch between OTA and CableCard channels and/or can I use a splitter (maybe with a switch) to send both OTA/Antenna AND CableTV signals to the single coax input on the Roamio OTA?
No, the unit can use EITHER OTA or CableCard listings, NOT at the same time...so you would have to go thru guided setup EACH time to switch & switch coax inputs as well - NOT worth it!
My Roamio OTA has a ton of recorded shows when I lived in a different city and it would be cool to use it again if I could also connect an extra CableCard to it.
You CAN connect it into your setup & still watch recorded shows without a CC...obviously you won't be able to record anything. If you can use an antenna, you could obviously connect it & then just connect to your TV on another HDMI input & have BOTH an OTA & Cable Tivo at your viewing pleasure.
I have a Roamio Plus w/CC & 3 Roamios on 2 different OTA antennas, ALL networked together on Ethernet. (you can't use MOCA in this fashion with multiple signal sources like I'm doing)
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