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Which Tivo should I buy?

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Greeting Tivo brain trust.
I'm having a serious problem trying to figure out which new Tivo box I am wanting to buy. I currently have two Tivo Series 2's now that are linked together using the Tivo adapters, but are not linked to my computer, I'm using it for MRV. I have Direct TV, which I cannot give up (NFL Sunday Ticket).

Here is my problem, I want to be able to continue using Direct TV, MRV, start recording in HD and have compatability between the new Tivo and my two series 2's (for MRV).

Is there a new Tivo out that can accomplish this? Any help would be appreciated.

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Nope. You can get a DirectTivoHD box, but it will not MRV.

No HD box does MRV as of right now, although the S3 and THD are supposed to get it soon. But these boxes cannot record satellite.
There is no TiVo that can do all you want. The TiVo HD will do some of what you want (come November when transfers are enables), but not with DirecTV.

As the saying goes, pick two of DirecTV, TiVo, or HD.

Now, you could keep your Series 2s and DirecTV, and get a TiVoHD for OTA HD.

Personally, I'd get the DirecTV non DVR HD receiver for one of the TiVos, and wait for the Series 2 Digital (which should record SD from a satellite box and OTA digital).
You are in the same situation we all are in:

If you want Tivo, you have the Series 2 Tivo units. This gives you MRV and TivoToGo. BUT works with a Standard Receiver unit and you loose Picture quality.

There are the Directv/Tivo units. Great! The only problem is you must hack them to have MRV etc. Also they are getting a little long in the tooth now days.

For HD, you do NOT have any option but Directv's in house DVR. Currently the HR20. BUT, this does not have Tivo Software. It is not a Tivo.

Sure you could get the HR10-250 which does have Tivo. But Directv is going to MPeg 4 instead of Mpeg 2 which pretty much takes this unit out.

The Tivo Series 3 and TivoHD are out of the question unless you want to waste the Money just to record OTA HD. This makes no sense at all.

Also, the comment classicsat has made: "Personally, I'd get the DirecTV non DVR HD receiver for one of the TiVos, and wait for the Series 2 Digital (which should record SD from a satellite box and OTA digital)."

Yes you could get a Directv Non DVR HD Receiver (the H20) and use the series 2 Tivo BUT you would loose picture quality in the transfer. The Tivo does not record in Digital, but Analog. So you really are wasting your time. Also waiting for something that may come out in future Years again is a waste of time.

Why not just do this: You currently have Two Series 2 Tivo units. Use Standard Receivers with those as you are using now. Just get a HR20 Directv HD DVR which gives you HD Recording. Yes you cannot use MRV on this unit, but its all you have.

This is the reason many of us have or are going away from Tivo because of the HD issue. Tivo has nothing for us SAT users who want HD. Oh well Tivo, your lose!
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Oh well, Guys and girls thanks for the info, I appreciate all your time and comments.

Guess I'll just go buy another series 2 for the bedroom, at least it will still give me the MRV. I'll just wait and see what comes out in the future that will give me Tivo, Direct TV and HD.

I didn't want to spend the money on a new unit that would be useless come 2009, but I guess I will. The kids are screaming for a Tivo in there room.
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