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Which router: WRTP54G or WRT54G with vonage and Tivo?

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I'm hooked up WiFi to TiVo and to my laptop, and want to get my Vonage telephone working through WiFi.

I want to stick with LinkSys and see both WRTP54G and WRT54G as possibilities to combine all 3 -- Tivo, laptop, and Vonage.

Which do YOU use successfully?
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Will BOTH work the same?? Both will be effective with Vonage?
If it were my money I'd go with the WRT54G.

Not about working/not working, but when something goes haywire I'd prefer to replace only the fubar'd part and not a whole combo device. The TV/VCR analogy comes to mind.
I use the WRT54Gv5 wired to my Vonage Linksys PAP2 (connected to my Uniden cordless phone base station), and wireless to my DRT800.

No problems with this setup for me.
Fubar! Haven't heard that for a while!

Thanks both of you -- you have given me something to think about! I have a 54s now, and I was thinking of going combo. Hmmmm.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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