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Which File Formats Support Fast Forward & Rewind?

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I am a new Tivo owner and am trying to figure out what formats support fast forward and rewind. My final goal is to make all of my videos available and I want to make sure they support this.

What I'm trying to do right now is copy episodes from a DVD TV Box set to tho Tivo to watch. I'm not concerned with reducing the video size with compression, I will delete the files after watching.

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If you're not concerned with saving space then just save the episodes as individual .mpg files.

Here is how I do this... First I rip the DVD to my hard drive using a decryption program. (I use AnyDVD, but any DVD ripping app should work) I then use VideoReDo to "Open Title From DVD" and select the large multi-hour title that contains all episodes. I then select each individual episode by marking the start and end and then click Trim Unselected. I then click Save As, select the MPEG2 Program Stream output and queue it to batch. When I'm done with all the episodes on the disc I run the batch to generate the individual files. Then I use pyTiVo Meta Generator to grab the metadata for each episode and then transfer them to my TiVo using pyTiVo as the server. This way they group into a folder with the episode title and information.

This process works good for TV shows. Movies not so good as there are issues with subtitles and multi-angles you have to worry about.

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