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Where's the best place to get a slide...

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Where's the best place to get a slide remote for a good price or will I get one with an Elite when I'm able to buy it ?
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Wow, it's gone down even farther. The last one I picked up was almost $41. If it keeps dropping I might need to pick up a third BT remote. After using the BT remotes for a while, it's really feels cumbersome using the full size remote now.
I guess $39.32 counts as under $40 but you still can't complain given the fact that I think these retail for like $60. Still tryin to get the cash together for an Elite but when I do I'm gonna try and grab a slide at the same time.
Yes last time I checked my math 39 is less than 40. You may want to check your spelling. You have an interesting typo.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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