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Where can I get a new Series 2?

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I've been off the boards for quite some time. ( New dad and all... :D ) I was waiting for a new D-tivo box to come out (one with HMO), but it seems my hopes have been bashed by D*. :( So I guess my question is what is the best D-tivo I can still get? Is it the DSR708 or the 7000? (Seems like nice ones, wish they were black :rolleyes: .) I hate the looks of the R-10. :eek: Was D* trying to scare people away from Tivo with that one? I have an unmodified DSR6000 that I got years ago and would love to get something better as it has gotten really slow. Can I still get units from D* other than the R-15? If not who has them?
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DirecTV MAY have some R10s, but you are more likely to get a R15 now. Check out Weaknees - they are selling new DSR704s for $69 (after rebate) and DSR-7000 shells (no access card or hard drive) for $35. Check out: http://www.weaknees.com/direct_tv_tivo_deals.php
I just ordered a new spare DVR80 from valueelectronics.com for $115 delivered, but they are running out VERY fast - you better act fact if you want a new D-Tivo.
Try your local WalMart - mine has at least 6 or 8 R10s in stock
Thanks guys, now the big question, is one any better than the other? What's the difference between the DSR704 and the DSR708 or the DVR80 or the DSR7000 for that matter. Or are they all the same with a different skin.
Since I already have tivo, I assume I don't get bagged for another lifetime subscription, right? But I will have to pay an additional 5.99 a month for the extra unit to D*. Have I got that right? Will I be stuck with two non working boxes when D* stops supporting tivo based units? If so, when is that suppose to happen? I'd like to add another tivo in the bedroom which I could access from the living room and vice versa. What's the easy way to do that? I was thinking of running both tivos into my yamaha reciever via s-video for switching in the the living room and running the cable feed out to the bedroom and into antenna A & B on my bedroom TV. Is there a better way without HMO?
I know these thing have been discussed countless times and I apologize for asking again, but time is precious when you have a one year old.
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PTV Upgrade has renewed -- at least that is what the label says -- DSR 704s with no access card for $69
I just posted this thread in the Underground about the "steal" I got at Best Buy:


Worth a try; good luck!
Jerry_K said:
PTV Upgrade has renewed -- at least that is what the label says -- DSR 704s with no access card for $69
It's now gone - but did you read the fine print that all those prices are AFTER you get the $100 rebate! :eek: INHO not good deals - as I said, my price was NOT including the rebate. But, I guess they decided to start "charging what the market will now bear... :rolleyes:
Or just get a free one from DTV +$15 shipping. See "free DVR" post...no kidding.

Edit: http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?t=284063
The DSR704s I bought from PTVUpgrade were $69 to me. No rebate necessary. And now that I have one networked they are worth every penny.
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