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When did I get 6.3e??

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First post; longtime lurker ...

Is there any way of knowing when 6.3e was downloaded to my TiVo box?

I've got a Hughes Series 2 SD-DVR40 that last week started rebooting for no apparent reason. Based on what I've read in this forum, it seems safe to assume this problem is due to the 6.3e upgrade, but I'd like to confirm that the upgrade actually coincided with the onset of my reboot problem.

For the record, over the past 2 weeks, the unit's rebooted at lease 4 times while I was watching live TV (twice just tonight) and has frozen (requiring a hard restart ... pull the plug) 3 times now, twice over night and once earlier tonight while watching a recording. I have sw version 6.3e-01-2-151, to be exact.

Also, could someone clarify the shorthand used to describe the units in this forum? When I check the online settings, the info screen indicates I have a Hughes Series 2 SD0DVD40. I see references to "Series 2", "R10", "R15", etc. Is there a thread somewhere that can clarify this for me?

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You could probably pull the drive, boot with a linux cd and mount the drive, and poke around at some logs to see when the update occurred. Short of that, I doubt you'll be able to find when exactly it happened. Your tivo is a Series 2. R10 is just another model number and R15 is directv's new "in-house" dvr offering (non-tivo software).
Since 6.3 comes down the satellite feed, I'm sure everyone has it. In my case, it will never get installed, as I have the zipper installed on mine, which fakes the unit into thinking it made a phone call. With no phone call back to the mothership, it won't install the update.
Dkerr24 said:
Since 6.3 comes down the satellite feed, I'm sure everyone has it.
Not necessarily. If you never let the unit phone home it won't "upgrade". Sure, it will nag, but it won't download 6.3e.
stlfan62 said:
First post; longtime lurker ...
Is there any way of knowing when 6.3e was downloaded to my TiVo box?
I haven't read this site in a while, and didn't even realize until yesterday that there was a new software version. I went home last night and checked both of my Dtivo receivers, and sure enough, both have been updated to 6.3e. There are no stored messages informing me of the update. I can only assume that there was either no message sent, or the wife deleted them before I saw them.

I too wonder when this update was installed? I noticed last night that one of my receivers that I rarely ever use has had the phone line disabled since August 20th (there was a message that the old number that was used is no longer available). Was 6.3e distributed before mid August? If not, how did my receiver get updated from 6.2 to 6.3? If the receiver was set to dial an invalid number it couldn't have made the call, and thus shouldn't have installed the software right?? My other receiver does have a valid phone number, so that software update wasn't surprising.

If the download comes from the Satellite feed, does the phone line necessarily keep it from installing??

Fortunately, I've had no issues since the update (obviously, since I didn't even realize that it had occurred). I did come home a few days in a row a while back and find the the 30second skip had been turned off. I thought it was just to to power problems at home while I was away. Now I'm not sure. Either way, I haven't had any issues for quite a while now.
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