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What's Latest On Card/Tivo Swapping?

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I have two active DirecTivo's. One DSR708 and one R10. I have never been happy with the R10 as the menu system is much slower than the DRS708. I have a spare DSR708 that I want to use in place of the R10. My plan is to hook up the DSR708, move the card from the R10 to the DSR708, and call D*** to change the activation from one to the other. I have a lifetime Tivo account.

With the changes I have been reading about in DTV policies lately, is this still possible without a lot of hassle? When I put the first DSR708 in service, I did just that by moving the card from my old T-60 to the DSR708 (obtained used.) The card I want to use from the R10 was a new activation (purchased the R10 new with card from Weaknees.) Just looking for a hint as to what I may be facing when I make the call.
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You should have no problems at all. I added a Receiver and did the same thing about a Month back.

All you do is call them and say you are replacing the R10 with another Receiver. You should get transferred to the Card Activations Dept.

Give them the information off the Unit and away you go. Also make sure they list the New Unit as "Owned" not leased.
Actually I have quite another take. I was in the same boat. I wanted to use the card from my R10 in a spare receiver but they kept telling me I couldn't and that I would have to pay $20 for a new card and send them the old card.

My main goal was to replace DTivo for the features available on the SA units, but in light of recent news about soon upgrades I'll stick with it a while longer.

But then lightning struck - literally! There was a bad storm and one of my receivers died. So I called to deactivate the corpse and asked about using the card in a spare receiver.

So I was transfered to the access card team, which is where you have to go to activate the old receivers I was told. The rep said no problem! They can transfer a card from a dead receiver but they won't if you say the receiver is still working fine. Or so I was told by this rep and he seemed to be on the ball.
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If the spare receivers still have their access cards, why bother with swapping them? Just have DirecTV reactivate them.
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