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What would YOU do?

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Well Charter gave me their 'All in One" cable and Tivo/DVR box although I asked them not to. It's a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000. I asked Charter JUST for the cable box because I already of course, have TIVO and its Box. But anyway, to get to the point, Now I have BOTH the Tivo box AND the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000 Charter/DVR box. What am I suppose to do with 2 DVR recorders??? (Especially when I'm only using one TV). :rolleyes:
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Are they charging you extra for DVR service? Or is it the same charge as a digital reciever (no dvr) box?

How much was the charge to buy the Tivo? Is it a 40 hour Tivo? Is the monthly service charge for the Tivo $12.95?

Have you had any problems controlling the Sci-Atl box from the Tivo? It was either TivoJerry or TivoOpsManager who said that there have been issues with Tivo controlling other DVR boxes.
I run both a SciAtl 8000 and SA Tivo (on one TV).

Nice to be able to record three shows at the same time ... Also, digital channels recorded via the 8000 have a noticeably better PQ than via Tivo.

Anyway ... if you don't use the 8000 much as a DVR ... then controlling it with Tivo isn't that bad. Make sure to set the "On With Channel Change" setting on the 8000.

If you DO end up using the 8000 much as a DVR though ... it starts to be a bit of a PITA controlling it with the Tivo. I ended up splitting the cable and running the coax straight in to the Tivo. The Tivo now can only record the analog channels ... but ... that's what works best for me.

Was your Tivo offered as a bundle alongside the SciAtl dvr by your cable provider like the OP's? Does the Sci-Atl unit record analog channels?
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