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Loved it. I had no idea that was Haley Joel.

"What is all this sticky stuff? It's everywhere! Is it ghost ectoplasm?"
"Yes, darling, that's exactly what it is"
So gross and funny at the same time.

Also the Nadja doll is so creepy! And Colin bring back his grandma just to do hist stupid "what's up dog" joke...... so great!

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I enjoy the show, but I guess I'm not as much of a fan as the rest of you. Because two episodes back-to-back was...a bit much for me.
So don't watch them back-to-back. I watched them both at different times, but some people will binge watch entire seasons. Some shows have to be absorbed in small doses, otherwise you can get overloaded. I love Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I can't binge the show. I can only take so much of Larry David in one sitting. Shows like WWDITS may have a running theme but each episode is essentially a standalone story so they can easily be watched at your leisure. I rarely binge watch shows and like to mix and match then so as not to get bored by the same characters all the time. However, there have been shows that draw me in and leave me wanting to watch the next episode to see what happens next. It's all a matter of personal preference and level of tolerance.
1 - 20 of 125 Posts
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