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dshinnick said:
But the picture quality won't be as good with the S2 because it compresses the video stream. The Directivo doesn't. If it were me I'd sell the S2/lifetime on Ebay, get one or more R10's (the true dual-tuner Directv-with-Tivo box) and just pay the monthly fee. The price you'll get for the lifetime on ebay will pay the monthly fee for years.
I am also in agreeance.

Directv/Tivo units have alot better picture and sound quality, than a Series 2 Tivo unit, as Directv/Tivo units record in Digital, compared to Analog of the Tivos.

Also, with a Tivo unit, you have Single Tuner, compared to Dual Tuners of the DTivos. Add to that the Dual Buffers of the DTivos, and a SA Tivo cannot compare.

Sell the Lifetime S2 on EBay, and use the Money to purchase the Directv/Tivo units. BUT: I would not get the R10. Look for a Series 1 or 2 Directv/Tivo unit. Why?

The Series 1 and 2 units can be hacked to add features such as Home Networking etc, very similar to a SA Tivo. The R10 cannot without a Hardware Prom Mod.
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