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What software version should I have on my S3?

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Booted up my re-furb S3 and ran initial guided set up--it's telling me my software version is 8.0.1c-01-2-648... Isn't this the old one? How do I get an update? I know it's different because on my Now Playing list, it doesn't just delete on one click and put in a deleted programs" folder... There is no "deleted programs" folder...haha.. Thanks for the help
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It should load the updated software during its next routine connection. Then it'll re-boot. You'll be fine. Most of us are on 8.3.1xxx right now.
Gotchya...I've had it connected for a few days now, figured it would have loaded it by now. I guess I'll see once I re-run guided set up. I'm way too used to the updated NPL functionality, I hope it comes back...?

Cable guy is here now, i'm getting anxious cause it's taking a while...There are too many things that can go wrong, haha. I do feel bad for these guys having to deal with waiting for dispatchers to get to their calls. Sucks. Will post on how it goes.
Just keep forcing a connection until it downloads. You should get the update to 8.3.1 within 2-3 tries (or 9.1 if you're lucky). Reboot to have it install.
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