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Hello ALL:
I have 2 Premieres and all is OK for now. Except, I keep getting Audio blips that are repeatable. So since it happens on both TIVOS in different rooms on 2 TV's I wonder if it is Comcast/Xfinity's issue. I checked the Channels level on the signal strength meter as this happens on stations like EPIX and Starz/Encore. All seem to be within 1 of each other. As I said it is being MOSTLY recorded that way although a few time when I go back it is OK...but not usually.

EPIX can show 86 and the other room 87-88
Starz Encore 91-92 or 93-93 in the other room.
So, I have checked many stations and just wonder what would be best? Is there a difference between the upper 80' or lower 90's?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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