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What is the S3vm box like then?

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I still run my S1 TiVo working brilliantly with AltEPG( thank you to all you guys who did that!)

I have to admit that I am also a sky subscriber with a 1TB Hd box. I have hated the interface from the start and my wife sit there every night criticising the sky box compared to our trusty old TiVo..

Why do I have sky? To get hd is the answer. I subscribe only to the basic sky package and do not watch any premium content.. The only sky channel we do occasionally watch is sky Atlantic but only in SD as we don't pay the £10 a month to get all the extra HD channels.. Just the basic Hd channels are fine for us.

So should I switch to virgin and get the s3 box ? Is there a thread from all the people on this forum that I have come to trust over the last 9 years that gives the lowdown on the new s3 box. Is it everything we have dreamed of as the upgrade from our s1 boxes?
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You're maybe better off asking in the Virgin forum rather than the Series 1 forum.

The VM TiVo is an S4 box I believe.
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