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ok i am just gonna try best, hopefully it will be good. Thanks for the help JimSpence, SugarBowl, and RoyK.
Best will be the best quality you can hope for.
High quality is the highest I ever use but it is not as good as best (theoritacally but I can't tell the difference). High quality burns nicely to a DVD and looks great to me.
Medium is, medium. It's better than basic but not as good as high.
Basic is what I use for normal viewing or recordings I never plan to burn to a disc. Basically, it's the basic bottom line of quality but is very much acceptable for everyday viewing. It is not as good as best or high.

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What's the best quality to use high or best? Seriously?

JimSpence said:
Why not try both of those and see for yourself? How it looks is in the eye of the beholder. :)
i guess, i just dont want to try it and then it looks bad. This movie is only on for tonight so if it has a bad picture i would get very disappointed.
Uhm, the suggestion was that you try both settings as in recording something (anything) at high quality and something (anything) at best quality and then compare the two so that you can decide which is the most appropriate for you to use.

ok i am just gonna try best, hopefully it will be good.
what if it's not?
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